Beko Fridge Freezer BCNA275E3S



NeoFrost technology not only eliminates the formation of ice on the food and inside the appliance, which means that defrosting is no longer needed. It is also two (or three – in side-by-side refrigerators) independent evaporators and fans in one device.

Active Fresh Blue Light system

The light blue tint guarantees the continuity of the photosynthesis process in fresh fruit and vegetables. As a result, the products not only remain fresh, but even increase their nutritional value.

Inverter compressor

The innovative inverter compressor with BLDC fan and low speed is distinguished by its high durability and minimal noise level. It uses less energy and helps the cooling system to minimize temperature fluctuations (e.g. when a door is opened).

LED lighting

LED lighting is more energy efficient and gives more natural light compared to regular lighting. This is another step forward for greener activities.

Metal Wall

Metal Wall means greater hygiene, aesthetics of the device and more efficient operation of the cooling system. Metal keeps the temperature longer and is easier to clean, and your Beko device will also impress with its metal interior when opened.

Electronic displayThe new large display in Beko products gives you the ability to select many functions and better product management. In addition, the display fits perfectly into the modern aesthetics of the product.
A ++ energy class (from A +++ to D)Thanks to the use of the latest technology, products with the A ++ energy efficiency class guarantee very low energy consumption, and products in this class will not only help to repair the family budget, but also take care of the natural environment.
Transparent Freezer DrawersThe front part of the freezer drawer is made of transparent material so that you can clearly see what products are inside the drawer without having to pull it out.
Door open alarmBeko refrigerators equipped with “Door open alarm” will warn you against leaving the door ajar or left open.
Bottle shelfThe chrome bottle shelf provides the perfect space for cooling bottles, and thus increases the use of the available space in the refrigerator.
Zero chamberZero chamber – allows you to store fresh products longer at a temperature of about 0 ° C.

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