Beko Power Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

EAN 8690842267727
Model VRT 70925 VB
Category Cordless vacuum cleaner
Type With sack
Autonomy 42 min
Capacity 0.70 l
Supply Rechargeable
Noisiness 80 dB
Power 150 W/a

169.00 269.00


The Beko Power Stick 25.2V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner provides 42 minute run time and has a 0.7L capacity. This stylish, lightweight vacuum cleaner effortlessly cleans your floors and upholstery. This vacuum offers a flexible, multi-purpose cleaning solution for your home. It’s an upright vacuum to clean your carpets and hard floors, a handheld for a quick pick up after dinner, or a stick vacuum for those hard to reach spots on the top of book shelves and curtain poles. Finished with LED headlights mounted on the vacuum head to offer a practical solution to cleaning in hard to reach corners, such as under furniture and other places where lighting is poor. 150W power. 24W suction power. 6 hour charge time. Noise level dBA 80. Suitable for use on all flooring types including hardfloor, carpet, tile and vinyl.


cordless vaccum cleaner





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