G3FERRARI G10136 Air Fryer

Power 1500 W

11 liters capacity, with internal light

Multi-function: evolution of the air fryer, fries, bakes, roasts, toasts, defrosts and reheats.

Non-stick tray for grease collecting function

2 holed non-stick trays for multi-level cooking

Basket, skewers accessory, rotisserie, are made of stainless steel, and rotating

Adjustable cooking temperature (80°-200°C) – 60 minutes timer

Digital display

9 programs: chicken rotisserie, pizza, chips, meat, fish and shellfishes, vegetables, chicken, sweets, reheat

Anti-slip feet

Accessories: 3 trays, basket, skewers, rotisserie, handle

Power supply: AC 230V ~ 50/60 Hz


149.00 189.00


Friggisano 2.0 is a multi-function appliance that will allow you to cook healthy, without sacrificing taste and saving energy. Is the evolution of the Air Fryer, and you will prepare tasty and crispy fried food with up to 80% less fat: the rapid air circulation technology, together with the high temperature (up to 200°C), will allow you to cook even without oil, healthy and delicious food, without giving up the crispness of traditional fried food. The stainless steel rotating basket is perfect to prepare amazing fries and much more. But not only… Friggisano 2.0 is also an electric oven with multiple functions. You can fry, bake, roast, toast, defrost and reheat any kind of food. You will have a wide digital display with soft-touch controls and 9 preset programs, inner light to control the cooking of food, and a complete set of accessories: 2 non- stick holed trays to cook on more levels at once, the skewers accessory and the rotisserie, both rotating and made of stainless steel, to cook meat, roasts, kebab and grilled chicken. Friggisano is equipped with easy to clean internal walls and removable grease collecting tray: even cleaning is a child’s play!




Air Fryer


1500 W


11 liters capacity, with internal light

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