Gferrari G10132 Mini Electric Oven

Capacity: 28 lt
Back crowning for greater internal volume
Interior lamp
Double glass for thermal insulation



Cooking your favorite dishes in the G3 Ferrari Moro 28 Plus the electric oven is quick and easy. With a compact design but with a considerable internal volume of 28 liters, thanks to the special rear camber, this unit is able to comfortably hold a 31 cm diameter plate. Equipped with internal light, 60-minute timer, adjustable thermostat from 100 ° to 230 ° C, and three cooking functions (standard, grill and combined) that guarantee maximum flexibility of use both as an auxiliary oven and as an alternative. With the built-in oven, with Moro 28 Plus you can also cook two dishes at the same time: in a few minutes, you can serve a side dish for 3-4 people and a good dish of meat or fish thanks to the practical convection heat function.


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