• Model – Girmi CE85 Extractor
  • Weight 4.2 kilos
  • Engine revolutions per minute 60
  • Metal filter
  • Reverse function
  • Power 400 watts
  • Extractor dimensions 210 mm x 220 mm x 450 mm
  • A recipe book
  • A toothbrush
  • Silent engine
  • Smooth and velvety juices with high percentage of nutrients

Cleaning Girmi CE85 takes just ten minutes ( it is an easy to clean extractor ) When you go to assemble the pieces of the appliance remember to place them correctly because otherwise the security system will not allow you to switch on the appliance. This protection is very useful because if you have not inserted the assembly pieces well you can risk breaking them.

Girmi also has a reverse function that you can use in the event of a crash. If you quickly insert large quantities of fruits and hard vegetables, the auger can be blocked, in these circumstances the overload protection system could start working. Always try to cut all the foods and if you have hard and soft products try to insert them always alternately.

The Girmi Ce85 engine is quiet with sufficient power as it has 400 watts. In the package, in addition to the motor body and the assembly parts (filter, pulp separator and lid) you will also find two one-liter containers that you will need to put waste and juice. In the box you will also find a useful recipe book and a cleaning brush. If you want a different economic extractor you can choose the RGV Juice Art model


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