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Girmi GH77 Ice Machine

  •  Power 100 W
  •  2 sizes of ice cubes: small and big
  •  Production capacity: 12Kg in 24 hours (1400 cubes)
  •  Water container: 2L 
  •  Ice capacity: 700g
  •  Automatic switch off with water container empty or ice container full
  •  Automatic and silent functioning
  •  Compressor with ecologic gas: R600a, 21g
  •  Accessories: ice container, shovel
  •  Power supply: AC 230V ~ 50 Hz

159.00 229.00


Equipped with a latest generation super silent compressor, the ice maker GH77 is convenient and economic, ideal for your daily use at home: in a few minutes you will have ice cubes, big or small depending on your preference, to prepare refreshing cocktails, cool and tasty drinks or to garnish your appetizers. Thanks to its excellent production capacity of 12 kg of ice in 24 hours of continuous operation, this unit is able to satisfy the needs of a small business or catering: simply load the tank, press the start button and make sure to always keep it full and this machine will produce about 1400 cubes well separated and ready to be used. Featuring automatic shut-off with empty water tank or full ice box, our ice maker GH77 comes with shovel and ice container for your maximum convenience.






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