• Potenza: 150 W
  • 5 velocità di lavorazione
  • Funzione TURBO
  • Tasto di espulsione delle fruste
  • Accessori: sbattitori ed impastatori in acciaio INOX
  • Dimensioni (mm): 175 x 150 x 73
  • Alimentazione: AC 230V ~ 50-60 Hz


19.99 35.00

SB03 Girmi is a powerful 150 watt electric mixer, compact and durable, perfect for all your needs in the kitchen. Lightweight and easy to handle, it features 5 working speeds that are ideal for both mixing ingredients and emulsifying and whipping egg whites. Equipped with hooks for kneading and beaters for emulsifying, the hand mixer SB03 will save your valuable time in the kitchen!


Code SB0301
EAN 8056095876145