• Individual voice recognition gives tailored responses
  • Seamlessly integrates all the features of the Google platform
  • Affordable, compact, and attractive
  • Improved AI that responds quickly

39.00 59.00


Not much in the way of instructional literature is included, but you won’t need it anyway. As with most internet-connected devices today, you’ll be doing most of your set-up work through an app — in this case, the Google Home app.

The Google Home Mini itself is an attractive device which looks and feels much warmer than the second-generation Echo Dot. It should be noted, however, that Amazon recently introduced its third-gen Dot, which has a similar fabric cover to the Google Home Mini. It looks like a cloth-covered pebble that sits in the palm of your hand. The top of the Home Mini is cloaked in a coarse textile in your choice of coral, chalk, aqua, or charcoal colors, while the lower portion is coated in a grippy silicone that resists sliding, fingerprints, and feels pretty nice, too.





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