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LG 55″ OLED55C14LA


  • Perfect Black, Perfect Color
  • α9 Gen 4 Intelligent Processor
  • Dolby Vision IQ e FILMMAKER MODE
  • Smart TV webOS 6.0 con telecomando puntatore
  • Google Assistant e Alexa integrati, compatibile Apple Airplay 2 e HomeKit

949.00 1,599.00


LG OLED TV is a pleasure to watch. Self-illuminating pixels offer truly spectacular image quality and numerous creative possibilities, while the most advanced technologies help achieve unprecedented awe. Everything you love in a television – to the nth degree.

What Makes OLED Different From Everything Else?

The answer lies in self-illuminating pixels, a panel technology that makes a difference in your viewing experience. Unlike LED TVs, limited by backlight technology, LG OLED TVs are able to offer extreme realism and unique design.


Millions of reasons to love OLED.

When it comes to picture quality, OLED undoubtedly beats LED. This is because OLED technology has millions of self-illuminating pixels capable of reproducing perfect blacks and accurate colors. The result is an unprecedented viewing experience.
Infinite contrast

The OLED outshines the LED.

Simply put, OLED has millions of self-illuminating pixels that can turn on and off for infinite contrast and perfect blacks, better than both mini-LED and LED TVs. So no matter how many thousands of backlight lamps they have, LED TVs will still remain in the shadow of OLEDs.
100% color fidelity.

OLED passes the exam with flying colors.

Intertek, a global agency specializing in testing and certification, has confirmed that LG’s OLED screens guarantee 100% color fidelity. This means that the colors you see on the screen closely match the colors of the original image – everything you see is exactly as it was intended.
Color fidelity determines whether the color accuracy of a screen is Delta E ≦ 2 among 125 color patches.
** LG 83-inch OLED panel will be certified in the first half of 2021.

A vision never seen before.

If you are looking for a TV unlike any other, look no further. The LG OLED TV is a work of art, a cinema on the big screen, a portal that opens onto new worlds of gaming and a front row seat to attend the greatest sporting events. That’s all you want from a TV.
The logos of LG Channels, Netflix, Disney + and Apple TV are arranged horizontally on the black background. A gameplay scene from Assassin's Creed Valhalla with its logo on the bottom right and the wording “Perfect for the next-gen” on the top left. An image of a hitter trying to hit the ball during a baseball game with "Zero trails" in the upper left corner. An image of a TV screen hanging on the wall with “Ultra Slim Design” written on the top left.

OLED design.
A gallery that deserves to be visited thousands of times.

LG OLED TVs redefine TV standards. Their incredibly slim profile is so refined that it will make your living room look like a modern art museum.
A television shows a tree glowing purple in a luxurious home setting
Choose your style

More size, more colors,
more wow effect.

The craftsmanship and artistic spirit of the LG C1 OLED TV comes in five different sizes ranging from 48 inches to an impressive 83 inches. Now also available with a Titanium Meteor or White Vanilla finish.
The LG OLED TV series in various sizes ranging from 48 inches to 83 inches in light black and vanilla white colors

OLED Cinema.
The award for the best film goes …

Thanks to its incredibly sharp images, the LG OLED TV puts on an Oscar-winning performance every time you watch it. And with perfect blacks and 100% color fidelity, movies will play back just as they were intended.





The place where you can find your favorite shows and movies

Access to the Apple TV, Disney +, Netflix and LG Channels app. Choose from the latest movies, TV series, documentaries and live sporting events – all in one place.
* Netflix streaming membership required.
** Apple, the Apple logo and Apple TV are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries.
*** Disney + membership required. Subject to the conditions outlined on http://www.disneyplus.com ⓒ 2020 Disney and related entities.
**** Supported service may vary by country.
The scene of a woman with a pair of sunglasses, split in two for visual comparison. The image shows SDR at the bottom left and the Dolby Vision IQ logo at the bottom right.



Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos

A TV experience that makes a difference

Dolby Vision IQ intelligently adjusts picture settings based on the type of content and the surrounding environment, while Dolby Atmos reproduces multidimensional surround sound – a winning combination that creates breathtaking cinematic results.
* Simulated screen images.
Interview with Christopher Nolan in the hall of a cinema




The director’s vision comes to life.

FILMMAKER MODE ™ disables motion smoothing while preserving the original aspect ratio, colors and frame rates. In this way it accurately reproduces the director’s original idea to allow you to experience the film the way it was intended.
LG's processing technology graph between the input image on the left and the sharp output image on the right



HDR 10 Pro

Enjoy all the fun.

LG uses HDR 10 Pro, a dynamic range technology that adjusts brightness to enhance color, reveal every single detail and deliver lifelike clarity to every image, as well as enhance standard HDR content. From now on, all your favorite movies and shows will be sharper and more vivid from start to finish

OLED Gaming.
Game over for competitors.

The LG OLED TV puts you in the forefront with a fast response time, the latest gaming features and a 120Hz screen for an even smoother experience. This is the ultimate television for your gaming station.
The NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync logos are arranged horizontally against the black background.
Collaborations with
gaming leaders

An unbeatable combo.

LG continues to partner with industry leaders to ensure you have the best gaming experience possible. We work in partnership with NVIDIA and AMD to make the LG OLED TV the only TV with G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync ™ Premium certification. We’ve also partnered with AMD FreeSync and joined forces with Xbox to unleash the full potential of next-gen gaming by becoming the official TV partner of the Xbox Series X console. Add all of this to incredible picture quality and response times. ultra-fast OLED and you can be sure to always get the best out of your gaming experience whenever you want to have fun.
Detail of a player competing in a race on a TV screen. The image shows the HDMI logo at the bottom left and the 1ms Response Time logo at the bottom right.



The latest game specs

Play with the highest standards.

LG OLED TVs boast 1ms response time, while support for VRR, ALLM and eARC standards meets the latest HDMI 2.1 technical specifications. These features ensure fast viewing of higher resolution content and more synchronized and fluid graphics, providing a more realistic experience and better chances of winning.
A TV screen shows a spaceship racing over a city and the LG OLED's Game Optimizer GUI on the left adjusting game settings.




Game Optimizer

Unprecedented levels of control.

With Game Optimizer you will have all your game settings in one place. The feature automatically adjusts the image to optimize the graphics, no matter what type of game you want to enjoy. You’ll also be able to activate both NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync technologies to have all your games sharper and smoother with fewer interruptions, stuttering and tearing effects.

OLED Sport.
A separate championship.

The LG OLED TV shows every game in all its lifelike glory. Thanks to fast-paced gameplay with smooth motion, being a spectator has never been more spectacular. You will now have a front row seat to see all the best sporting events.
A game action scene split in two for visual comparison. The image shows the LCD / LED at the bottom left and the LG OLED logo at the bottom right.





OLED Motion Pro

You have never seen such movements.

Advanced motion management technology reduces blur to reproduce smoother action and deliver a sharper viewing experience. See the smallest details of every match even during the most dynamic actions.
* Simulated screen images.
A man and woman make a toast on a TV screen as sporting event notifications pop up



Sports Alert

Don’t miss a single match.

Sports Alert notification alerts you before, during and after matches. You no longer have to worry about missing out on the big events of your favorite teams, even when you’re watching anything else.
* Usage may vary by country.
A family watches the game on TV on the sofa



Bluetooth Surround Ready

A clear advantage at home.

Easily connect Bluetooth speakers for a true wireless surround sound experience. All the action will feel richer and more realistic, bringing the big match atmosphere to your living room.
* Speakers sold separately.
4K α9 Gen4 processor with AI

An intelligence to leave you speechless

At the heart of the LG OLED TV is the fourth generation 4K α9 processor with AI, a revolutionary chip that leverages deep-learning algorithms to analyze and optimize content. Each adjustment of the images and sound is done automatically to allow you to see anything in a spectacular way.
Simulated screen images.
"This is a video about AI Picture Pro. Click the" "Watch Full Video" "button to play the video."



AI Picture Pro

Quality from true professionals.

Thanks to a huge database of over a million visual points, the deep-learning algorithm recognizes content, removes noise and optimizes image quality, while the new Scene Detection feature is able to analyze the type of scene displayed and improve vision accordingly.
This is a video about AI Sound Pro. Click the "Watch Full Video" button to play the video.


AI Sound Pro

Audio for connoisseurs.

Based on data from over 17 million sound points, the processor identifies voices, effects and frequencies to optimize the sound based on the type of audio for a more immersive experience, while the new Auto Volume Leveling feature maintains constant voice levels between various types of content.

Ours is a broader perspective.

Compared to LED TVs, LG OLED TVs are safer for you and the environment. By taking advantage of self-illuminating pixels, our TVs are more comfortable for the eyes when watching television for long periods. LG OLED panels have also been recognized as environmentally friendly TVs with a reduced risk of hazardous emissions.
Eye Comfort Display

A TV that does not tire your eyes.

LG OLED TVs have been certified as flicker-free and low blue light screens, posing no photobiological risk to the eyes, unlike LED TVs which have flickering and emit a lot of blue light. So sit comfortably, relax and enjoy the view.
This is the card that describes the “Eye Comfort Display”. This is the scene of a little boy watching TV in a prone position. Four logos were placed for the “Eye Comfort Display” certification.
* Flicker-free function optimized with default setting. Activating OLED Motion or OLED Motion Pro may result in flickering.
** LG OLED TV panels have been certified.
Eco-friendly OLED

Taking care of you is in our nature.

LG OLED TVs are officially environmentally friendly. Compared to LED TVs, they are safer because they don’t use backlights, are made with less plastic, use fewer hazardous materials, and have less risk of producing indoor pollutants.
Comparison of layer composition of LED backlit TV screen and self-illuminating OLED TV (play video)
* LG OLED TV panels have received Eco-Product certification from SGS.
AI ThinQ

Think you know what “smart” means?
Think about it again.

LG ThinQ is here to maximize your TV experience. Choose your favorite voice assistant and manage your TV with your voice thanks to a completely redesigned home screen to give you even more control and convenience.





New Home

Welcome to your new home.

The revamped home screen displays personalized content suggestions, ensures easy access to your favorites and allows you to manage all connected devices in one place.
This tab describes the voice commands. LG AI ThinQ logo, Hey Google logo and Amazon Alexa logo.



New Remote Control Pointer

Like a magic wand.

The new Pointer Remote Control has been redesigned with an ergonomic and handy design and a pointing and scrolling system for faster search. Integrated AI ensures easy access to services, while hotkeys for major content providers are shortcuts to select all your favorite shows and movies. On top of all this, you now have Magic Tap, a smart new solution for connecting your phone to your TV.
This tab describes the voice commands. LG AI ThinQ logo, Hey Google logo and Amazon Alexa logo.






Voice command

Your centralized hub even more convenient.

LG ThinQ allows you to perform simple command and control operations of your smart home and Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem with natural voice recognition *. Thanks to the integrated Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you can control your LG OLED TV with your voice and enter the world of entertainment faster.







(3,840 x 2,160)






Pixel Dimming




1 x Digital audio out (Optical), 3x USB, 4x HDMI, Headphone Output, 1x LAN


webOS Smart TV