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LG 43″UP75003LF


  • Real 4K UHD
  • Theater
  • Game
  • Sports
  • Quad-core 4K processor
  • ThinQ AI

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Real 4K UHD.
Stunning persuasiveness.

The LG UHD TV exceeds expectations every time. Enjoy realistic images and vivid colors – four times the pixel resolution of Full HD.

TV screen with mountain and lake landscape is magnified (play video)

The functionality worthy of the most popular movies.

Set up a movie theater at home. FILMMAKER MODE ™ and HDR will allow you to get even more into the content you are watching. Connect to your favorite streaming platforms to access your favorite content.

Video on TV screen of a boy wearing an astronaut costume he made while playing with a spaceship in his room decorated with miniature planets (play the video)

The Apple logo and the Netflix logo appear on a black background.


The center of all your favorite things.

Access Apple TV and Netflix. Choose from the latest movies, TV shows, documentaries and live matches – all in one place.
* Netflix streaming subscription required.
** Apple, the Apple logo, and Apple TV are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.
*** Supported service may vary by country.
Christopher Nolan leads a conversation in a movie theater room


A revived vision of the director.

FILMMAKER MODE ™ turns off the smooth motion function, but retains the original proportions, colors, and frame rate. This is exactly how the vision of the director is conveyed, so you will see the film as it was created.
The image of a woman touching an exhibit covered with small bulbs is divided into two parts so that different images can be compared. This image has the text "Standard" at the top left, the HDR at the top right, and the LG UHD TV logo at the bottom right.

Active HDR

Everything has been perfected down to the finest details.

The LG UHD TV uses Active HDR technology, so the colors are bright and the details are precise. Many HDR formats are supported, including HDR10 and HLG, so you can enjoy your favorite movies in their original quality.

Play as a winner.

Immerse yourself in the action. Game Optimizer and low input delay allow you to play faster and more excited.

A video is shown on a TV screen with an FPS game in which a gun is fired at an enemy. (play video)

A TV screen showing a spacecraft shooting in the city and, on the left, the LG OLED Game Optimizer GUI (Graphical User Interface), which adjusts game settings.

Game optimizer

Quick and easy game setup.

Manage all your settings in one place with modes optimized for a variety of game genres – FPS, RPG and RTS. Control the contrast with black and white color stabilization for better visibility.
Opposite each other stands a knight in armor with a sword and a dragon flowing from its mouth. This image has the text "Standard" at the top left, the UHD TV at the top right, and the HGiG logo at the bottom right.


Immerse yourself in the game.

HGiG determines TV performance and picture quality, then adjusts HDR images for an impressive HDR gaming experience.
* Screenshots are imitations.
A player playing a motorcycle racing game on a TV screen, in close-up.

Low input delay

Perfect control without delay

The LG UHD TV ensures that users have excellent control over their games instantly – without delay.

Exciting match experience

You will feel as if you are in a stadium. Bluetooth Surround Ready technology is used, so you will feel as if you are right on the field watching the match. And sports-related alerts will always let you know the match time for your favorite teams.

A video is shown on a TV screen in which a football player scores a goal during a football match. (play video)

The TV screen shows a man and a woman colliding with cups, while a sports warning is displayed

Sports related warnings

Never miss a match for your team.

The sports-related alerts feature will give you notifications before, during, and after the match. You’ll never have to worry about missing important matches of your favorite teams again, even if you’re watching other content.
* Usage may vary by country.
The family sitting on the couch watching a football match.

Ready for Bluetooth surround sound

At home – much more comfortable.

Easily connect Bluetooth speakers and hear surround sound without wires. The sound of the action is richer and more realistic, so you will feel the impressive atmosphere of the match on your website.
* Speakers sold separately.

Give the interior elegance

UHD will really be a great accent in your interior. Slim screen and frame, aesthetic design – such a TV will add elegance to any interior.
Luxurious living room with a TV depicting a brown forest shot from above.
Quad-core 4K processor

The picture and sound are even better.

The processor eliminates image noise and generates brighter colors and higher contrast. Low resolution images are magnified and reproduced at close to 4K quality. In addition, he knows when, where and how to improve the sound to create a virtual surround sound and make the viewing experience as impressive as being in a cinema.

A train running in the middle of the mountains with steam on the rails, with the inscription "Quad-core processor 4K" at the bottom left.

* Screenshots are imitations.
On the right is the image of Big Ben labeled "After magnification," which is sharper than the same image on the left, which also reads "Before magnification."

4K resolution boost

See everything in 4K resolution.

The LG UHD TV turns 2K content into the most realistic 4K picture – improving fine detail, resolution and color. Text and images become much clearer, noise is reduced and sharpness is improved.
A TV showing an astronaut in a bright room. The astronaut is brighter on the TV in the dark room on the right.

AI brightness control

Great features – better view

The light sensor measures ambient light, after which the processor subtly adjusts the tonal display for optimal screen brightness. Intelligent dimming control and point compensation algorithm improve contrast, resulting in higher quality dark images. And HDR content is improved by adjusting the brightness, making darker scenes more contrasting, more detailed, and improving color resolution.
The man plays the drum and simulated sound effects emanate from the drum.

AI Sound

The sound that every genre deserves

The processor identifies voices, effects, and frequencies based on more than 17 million audio data points to optimize sound for the audio genre, providing impressive sound persuasion.
ThinQ AI

Do you think you know what “smart” means?
Think again.

The LG ThinQ will provide a more impressive TV viewing experience. Choose your favorite voice assistant and control your TV with your voice – a whole new, more convenient home screen with more control options.

The TV screen displays a list of various contents recommended by the LG ThinQ AI. (play video)

The icon shows the main functions of the Magic Remote.

Magic Remote

Acts almost like a wand.

The new design of the Magic Remote is more like a wand – it is ergonomic, easy to hold, and the display and scrolling system allows you to search faster. Built-in AI technology makes it easier to access services, and shortcuts that connect to major content providers give you quick access to your favorite channels.
* Magic Remote offerings vary by country.
The LG ThinQ AI logo is arranged vertically on a white background.





39" – 43"


3840 x 2160


4K Active HDR, HDR10 Pro


webOS Smart TV


1x USB, 2x HDMI, 1x LAN