LG XBOOMGo PL2W Portable Speaker

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Simply Stylish

A sleek, rounded design with a rubberized finish is easy to hold and fits comfortably in your hand.
On a white background, there is a diagonal top-down view of the front of LG XBOOM Go.
Meridian Technology

Experience the Sound of Excellence

LG XBOOM Go PL2W with Meridian technology gives you premium quality sound. Hear deep bass and rich tones, every time you play music.
On a white background, There is a close-up of LG XBOOM Go's Meridian logo with magenta lighting.
Sound Boost

Bring Music to Life

Sound Boost amplifies sound power and widens the sound field. Just press the button to lift the party atmosphere.
On a white background, LG XBOOM Go faces the upper right, there is a ripple effect under the product.

Weather-Proof Enjoyment

An IPX5 rating means your speaker can get wet and keep on working, so you can keep on dancing.
On a white background, LG XBOOM Go is facing up to the left. There are water droplets on and underneath LG XBOOM Go.
*An IPX5 rating offers protection against low-pressure water jet spray from any direction.
Long Battery Life

Play for Longer

10-hour battery life gives you the freedom to enjoy your music on-the-go without charging worries.
LG XBOOM Go tilts to the left and floats in the air.
*10-hour battery life is based on using 50% volume.
**Other conditional factors may affect battery life.
Wireless Party Link

Multiply the Music

Wirelessly link two LG XBOOM Go PL2 to double the sound output. Bigger sound only means one thing — better parties and more fun.
Two LG XBOOM Gos are placed on a white background and there is a ring icon in between.
*Google and Android are trademarks of Google LLC.
**The Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries.
  • There is a Bluetooth logo between two smartphone icons.

    Share Playlists with Multi Bluetooth

    Pair two devices at the same time via the XBOOM App. Use any of the connected devices to seamlessly control a playlist with no interruption to music.

  • There is a green lightning battery icon on the left and a USB cable on the right.

    USB Charging while You Listen

    Use the USB port to charge your devices anywhere you go. You don’t need to carry an extra charger.

  • There is a speakerphone icon.

    Answer Calls with Speaker Phone

    LG XBOOM Go PL2W will automatically switch to an incoming call when music is playing, and you can easily share the call with friends.

  • There is a multi-colored XBOOM icon.

    Total Control with the XBOOM App

    Control everything on one app. Get it on the Google Play Store.






AUX In (3.5mm)

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