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M Public Video Wall Mount Push 40-70″ Black

Multibrackets M Public Video Wall Mount Push – Wall mount for LCD / LED panel – black & slate – screen size: 40″ – 70″


Multibrackets M Public Video Wall Mount Push – Wall mount for LCD / LED panel – black & slate – screen size: 40″ – 70″
Our innovative design combined with a video wall mount partially pre assembled right out of the box, makes this our fastest installing video wall system ever!

With the market for Video Wall installations growing at a fantastic pace, the need for a high quality, affordable and installer friendly mounting equipment has become in the need by many.

Our M Public Video Wall Mount Push is a video a wall solution quick to install, and easy to configure. Made especially for video wall applications. This is a professional mount focusing on multiple screen installations, easy and fast installation and simplified maintenance. Making it an installers dream.

With the M Public Video Wall Mount Push you can create multiple different configurations and screen set ups. Finally you can leave the tedious wall spacers behind. As with other Multibrackets products the installation is built on the first rail installed onto the wall. thereafter the second is put up and leveled very easy as the third etc. No measuring and guessing needed. We think of it as one of the most simple and fast ways to make video wall installation come to life.

Easy-access to your after-service.
The Push in pop out feature gives easy-access to any display for quick serviceability. This is often one of the major functions needed when building a video wall mounting solution or when integrating a single screen into the wall.

Simply push against the screen to release the lock, then the screen will pop out, you do not need to remove any other screens to access a center screen for maintenance or when placed in recessed areas.

The pop out feature is handled by its scissor arm construction expanding out. Of course the screen is as easily pushed back into place after maintenance is finished.

Create almost any Video Wall configurations imaginable
Ideal for recessed areas or where there is a surround around the whole video wall blocking access
Designed to create a fast, simple and seamless installation
Push in Pop out for easy access and after service
Simple Fine tuning for post-installations
Easy lateral shifts for post-installation (slide the screen/ screens apart or together for perfect alignment)
Create rows of screens 1×2, 1×3, 1×4 or walls 2×2, 3×3 or larger


M Public Video Wall Mount Push
For screen size: 40-70″
VESA standard: 200×200, 300×300, 400×200, 300×300, 400×400, 600×400
(no 200×100 VESA see technical drawing for details)
Article No: 7 350 073 730 513
Colour: Black
Max load: 40Kg
Weight: 6 kg
Size in mm: 760×460
Warranty: 1 year
Retail Package Specification
Package Parcels: 1 pcs
Package Measurements: 100 x 12 x 11 cm
Package Weight: 6.94 kg
Distribution Package Specification
Retail Package Parcels: 3 pcs
Package Measurements: 33.5 x 100 x 14 cm
Package Weight: 25.50 kg



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