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Laptop Cooling Stand – model MODECOM SILENT FAN MC-CF13 is a product compatible with notebook computers with screens up to 14 “. Stand MODECOM MC-CF13 will appreciate the people who often use their laptops both in the traditional way, as well as unconventional, eg. On a bed, sofa, or on your lap while traveling.

Perfect and quiet cooling
Stand MODECOM SILENT FAN MC-CF13 is very solid. It was made of high quality plastic. Its upper part is covered with a special surface volleyball, which thanks to its numerous openings, provides excellent heat dissipation emitted by a hot laptop. Directly below it is very quiet and efficient, blue backlit LED, 14-centymentrowy cooling fan.

The product user-friendly
MODECOM MC-SILENT FAN CF13 is a product designed for highest user comfort. In this model used a range of technological solutions that make work with your laptop is a pleasure. Particularly noteworthy are two folding feet that let you change the level of the angle of the table. On the other hand, placed in the bottom of the product retractable USB cable with adapter allows a comfortable connection to the laptop, without blocking the USB port. In addition, to increase the stability of the support in the bottom part thereof they have been placed, four anti-slip rubber pad. Very light weight and compact design, make MODECOM SILENT FAN MC-CF13 is the product of a very convenient transportation.


– Compatible with laptops with screens up to 14 ”
– Ergonomic design with the ability to change the angle.
– Special surface, which, thanks to the many openings, provides excellent heat dissipation
– 140 mm very quiet and efficient fan with blue backlight
– USB cable with adapter


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