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Premium high efficiency LED lamp, 10 W, E27 socket, 2700 K

Power consumption: 10 W (up to 115 mA)
CRI: > 80 (84 – 86)
Luminous flux: up to 1350 lm
CCT (correlated color temperature): 2700 °K (warm white)
Lifetime span: ca. 50.000 Hours
Input voltage: 85-260 V AC at 50 – 60 Hz
Power factor: 0.876
Energy Efficiency Class: A
Radiation angle: 330 °
Switching cycles: at least 300.000
Net weight: 80 g
Dimensions: O50 x 120 mm
Operating temperature: -20 … 40 °C
Dimmable: no
Shadow in luminary: almost zero
UV and NIV radiation: free
LEDs: 28 pcs

  • Revolutionary thermal design
  • Improved light radiation angle – up to 330°
  • Ultra light weight design
  • Super energy efficient – up to 135 lumens per watt
  • Guaranteed longer lifetime
  • Best quality light!

  • EnerGenie LED bulb — the world’s best! We used a unique 3D placement of the LED’s in our EnerGenie LED bulb as opposed to the traditional flat surface 2D placement of LED’s in most other bulbs. This results in a far better light distribution area of 330°, while most other LED bulbs barely provide 140°–160° light angles. The EnerGenie LED bulb produces an awesome 135 lumens per watt. This is around 40 % better than the traditional LED bulbs!
  • Guaranteed longer lifetime!
  • Our unique way of more efficient heat pipe design LED cooling (patent pending), ensures that there is no decrease in light output over the years, while traditional LED bulbs can already lose up to 30% of their light intensity after just 10000 hours of service. We also kept all vulnerable electronics well separated from the LED heat source, which makes failure of the EnerGenie LED bulb virtually impossible. An EnerGenie LED bulb will even work perfectly in a closed light fixture, where the most other LED bulbs would fail to work at all! The guaranteed lifetime of one single EnerGenie LED bulb equals that of many traditional incandescent bulbs, up to 7 light saving CFL bulbs or 2 standard LED bulbs. So on top of the electricity cost savings, you also save money on costs for replacement bulbs! The EnerGenie LED bulb will save you money!
  • In addition to 2 year warranty: 3 years of free repair service, if required
  •  10 W high efficiency LED bulb, 1350 lm

     True replacement for 80 W incandescent light bulb

     Innovative heat-pipe cooling technology for a longer lifetime

     Very low energy consumption, saving at least 88% energy

     High color rendering (CRI 85) for vivid colors

     No warm-up time, instant 100% light

     E27 cap – can be easily fitted to replace ordinary light bulbs

     Long service life of 50.000 hours


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