Samsung Combi Fridge Freezer – RB31FERNCSA



Optimize your space efficiently

Sometimes it happens that taking something inside the fridge without dropping anything is really difficult. This is why the new Smart Series Combined Refrigerators are equipped with a convenient sliding shelf, which you can pull out to easily and efficiently arrange your food, without having to contort to reach the free spaces at the bottom of the refrigerator.

Easily removable drawers

Thanks to a larger opening compared to traditional freezer drawers, in the Smart Series refrigerators it is even easier to organize or take products, even the most bulky ones, such as ice cream jars. The drawer can be pulled out along its entire length to improve the exploitation of space, and thanks to the perfected design, you can open the drawers even when the freezer door is open only 90 degrees.

Cool more drinks and fight thirst

Thinking of particularly thirsty families, the Smart Series refrigerator doors have been redesigned to be deeper and better organized. Now you can store large containers of milk and fruit juices in the small balconies, or two rows of cans and bottles. Do you have to celebrate a birthday? Use the door balconies to cool large bottles of water and soft drinks.

Led ceiling light

More efficient than a conventional light bulb, the LED ceiling light illuminates the entire interior of the refrigerator in a clear and uniform manner. Find what you’re looking for faster, so you do not have to hold the door open for too long and save time and energy.

True No Frost

Samsung No Frost technology prevents frost and ice from forming inside the refrigerator. Now you can keep all fresh and nutritious food, keeping a uniform temperature. Furthermore, No Frost reduces energy requirements, increasing the duration of the cooling system.


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