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Samsung Microwave 22L (MG22M8074CT)



Perfectly prepared dishes

Smart Moisture Sensor

With the touch of a button, the humidity in the appliance is measured via the smart humidity sensor, so that the cooking mode and time can be automatically adjusted for perfect dishes.

Crispy, beautiful brown exterior

Grill + 30sec

With the Grill + 30sec button the top layer of your dish gets the ideal texture and color, so that it looks delicious and tastes great. The cooking time is extended by 30 seconds to brown the outside of the dish with the grill and make it crispy.


Keep dishes warm

Keep warm function

Dishes stay warm at the right temperature, without cooking. This keeps the food full of flavor and preserves the texture, so your dishes always taste like freshly prepared.

Fast defrost and fresh

Quick Defrost

Thanks to Quick Defrost, you defrost your dishes quickly and evenly, while retaining their original freshness and appearance. So you can enjoy the most delicious meat, poultry, fish, bread, cake and fruit whenever you want.

Perfect crispy dishes

Crusty plate

With the supplied Crusty Plate your food is even crisper on the outside. For this result, you only need to put one teaspoon of oil on the crust plate.


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