CD / Mp3 Player

USB input

AM/FM wave band

Headphone socket

Max. output power: 6W

Power supply: AC 230V-50Hz – 6 batteries “C” (UM2) not included

Size: 220x240x130mm

55.00 69.00

The Stereo Portable Boombox TREVI CMP 542 USB is perfect for listening to your favorite music anywhere, anytime. Lightweight and compact, you can keep it in your room or take with you to listen to the radio or your CD.

The CMP 542 USB has a round shape and is provided with a recliner handle which facilitates transportation. On the side are two stereo speakers while in the center you will find a CD playerwith opening upwards. In front there is also an outlet USB to connect pen-drive and external hard-disk.

The stereo is equipped with FM radio and with the LED display you can set the frequency you want. For the reception is tiltable and extendable antenna on the back of. You can still listen to music with headphones inserting them into the jack. In any case the feeding takes place either via electric current through batteries .

With the Stereo Portable Boombox TREVI CMP 542 USB you can enjoy at home and outdoors. What are you waiting to get one?

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