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» Boombox CD, CD-R / RW player
» Radio PLL FM stereo
» 30 FM station storage
» Easy Bluetooth® connectivity Listening your music by Bluetooth® devices
» AUX-IN input
» LCD display
» Telescopic antenna
» Power: AC 230V-50 Hz 6 battery C type (not included)
» Dimensions: 231 x 231 x 114 mm

45.00 59.00

The  Radio Boombox Stereo TREVI CMP 552 BT  is easy to transport and is ideal to take with you on vacation or a trip with friends. Equipped with radio and CD player and MP3, it is practical, handy and lightweight.

This boombox is distinguished by its curved design and round. With the foldable handle, it can be easily transported without difficulty. On the front features an LCD display and is equipped with  a CD player  with an opening upwards. You’ll find the  FM radio  integrated with 30 programmable stations and reclining antenna for reception.

You can enjoy free  Bluetooth  to listen to music wirelessly by simply connecting the device to other devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. You’ll also find a handy input  AUX-IN . The power supply instead, takes place through current cable or through a  six batteries in format C.

The Stereo Radio Boombox TREVI CMP BT 552 is the perfect choice for you. You can not let it get away!







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