The Radio DAB Portable DAB Trevi 792 R is very useful to be able to hear music outside the home or on vacation. In addition to the clock, there is also a handy alarm function.The Trevi radio is characterized by a very modern and sleek look that makes it a small piece of furniture to decorate many different environments. The device receives waves DAB , DAB +, and FM and can be stored 10 DAB and DAB + 10 and other FM stations. On the front, there is a small display of blue LEDs where the clock appears.

The portable radio has a large knob to set the various functions. You can also select two alarms with radio or alarm ringtone. Laterally is present then the input to the attack of the headphones. The device is powered by four AA batteries to be placed in the rear compartment or it can be connected to the electric current through a cable.

With DAB Radio Portable DAB Trevi 792 R will not have to give up music. You can not have it!

29.99 69.00


» DAB / DAB+ and FM RDS radio

» 10 storage stations DAB / DAB+

» 10 storage stations FM RDS

» Two Alarm mode Alarm / Radio

» Dot Matrix display

» Digital control: volume, Menu/info, Scan, Alarm

» Preset and Selection/Snooze

» High sensibility and accuracy

» Telescopic antenna

» Headphone socket

» Power: AC 230 V- 50 Hz

» with power adapter DC 5V included

» Batteries 4 “AA” (Um3)

» Weight: 582g

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