– Amber LED digital display
– 2 programable electronic alarms
– Snooze
– Dimmer control brightness display
– Power supply: 230V ~ 50Hz
– Dimensions: 135 x 65 x 50mm



The ‘ Digital Watch Trevi EC 880 is useful to get up on time and do not be late in the morning. With a tondeggiate and modern design, LED light display and two programmable alarms.

The clock has an oval design with delicate lines and modern and rests on two supporting legs. The structure is made entirely of plastic and are arranged on the upper part of the functions of the various control buttons. In front there is a digital display LED amber on which will be indicated the time.

This Trevi clock allows you to set up to two alarms different that will activate a chime. With the function Snoozer can decide the momentary interruption while the alarm function Dimmer adjusts the luminous intensity of the display according to the ambient light conditions. The power supply of the product takes place via power cord 230V / 50Hz .

Small and compact, the digital clock Trevi EC 880 is the perfect model for you. Who does not want one?


Alarm clock




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