• The microphones wirless set contains:
• Receiver for universal connection Jack 6.3mm
• Transmitter with volume control and Jack 3.5 mm socket
• Microphone arch connectable in to transmitter
• Microphone clip connectable in to transmitter
• It allows to use the arch or clip microphone artenatively
• Frequencies band VHF / 174MHz – 216MHz
• Distance: until to 20m
• Power transmitter and receiver: 2×1,5V (type “AA”) not included
• Dimension transmitter: 95 x 66 x 20 mm
• Dimension transmitter: 80 x 32 x 25 mm
• EU restrictions countries:UK, ES, FR, DK, MT, IE

The set of wireless microphones bow and clip Trevi EM 408 R is a small tool, ideal to play on wireless your voice.

The Trevi set has a receiver and a transmitter , both wireless and battery-powered, with volumeper adjustment a clear reproduction and without distortion .

EM 408 R is composed by a bow microphone and a clip, used alternately in wireless, depending on the type of usage like in the gym, at a conference or even in class during a lesson.

Trevi EM 408 R is a wireless microphone sets lightweight and practical for multiple uses both professional and amateur .


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