Trevi EM 415 R 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone Set

The Pair of Trevi EM 415 R Wireless Microphones is a reliable and high quality instrument, suitable for a wide range of both amateur and professional applications , for clear and distortion-free vocal reproduction .



The operating distance of Trevi EM 415 R, equal to a maximum of 15 metres , makes it the ideal choice in case of use in large environments such as conference rooms, theaters or open spaces and direct keys for volume and sound effects allow for quick and easy audio customization.

Also included in the set is a universal receiver with 6.3mm jack , equippedrechargeable battery via USB TYPE-C 5V as well as the two microphones.

  • Frequency of use 2.4GHz


  • Type: dynamic unidirectional


  • Clear and distortion-free vocal reproduction


  • Operating distance: up to 15m


  • 5 sound effects / direct keys for volume control and sound effects


  • Universal receiver Jack 6.3mm with rechargeable Li battery from USB TYPE-C 5V


  • Microphones with USB TYPE-C 5V Li rechargeable battery


  • Microphone size: 17.8(L) x  Ø5mm


  • Receiver size: 11.5(L) x 3.5(D) x 2.5(H) cm


  • Single microphone weight: 163 gr






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