Trevi HMP 1222 AIR Mini Headphones

The Trevi HMP 1222 AIR Bluetooth Sport Wireless Mini Headphones are light and comfortable earphones able to offer a high quality sound experience. Particularly suitable for sports sessions, they connect via Bluetooth wireless connection to your smartphone and allow you to enjoy your favorite songs wirelessly and without interruptions.

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Mini Headphones Bluetooth Sport Wireless Trevi HMP 1222 AIR

In addition to listening to music, with Trevi HMP 1222 AIR you can make hands-free telephone conversations : just press the direct key to accept incoming calls on the headphones.

The Trevi HMP 1222 AIR Bluetooth Sport Wireless Mini Headphones are equipped with a rechargeable lithium batteryable to ensure an autonomy of about 2/3 hours of continuous use . The rechargeable case/base with Type-C connection allows you to keep the headphones always charged and ready to use, while the LED charge status indicator will always keep you informed of the remaining energy level.


  • Mini HIFI headphones with Bluetooth V5.0 connection


  • Rechargeable case/base via Type-C connection


  • LED charging status indicator


  • Charging the earphones via the supplied case/base


  • Direct key to accept call and talk on the phone


  • Rechargeable lithium batteries


  • Autonomy: approximately 2/3 hours


  • Case dimensions: 4(L) x 2(D) x 5(H) cm


  • Single headphone dimensions: 0.6(L) x 2(D) x 4(H) cm


  • Weight: 0.048kg








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