Grande display da 0,9” a LED
Sintonia elettronica con indicazione digitale della frequenza
Gamma d’onda AM/FM
Radio PLL con 20 memorie
Sveglia programmabile con radio/suoneria
Spegnimento programmabile (sleep)
Interruzione momentanea della sveglia (snooze)
Vano per batterie anti black out
Alimentazione: Rete C.A. 230V 50Hz
Dimensioni: 151X71X99mm



The  Radio Alarm Electronics Trevi RC 832  is a great help to get out of bed in the morning. It has a modern design with delicate lines and rounded and is perfect for listening to tunes.

The clock radio is distinguished by a characteristic shape of Half Dome. The top is slightly curved upwards and on it you will find the buttons to set various functions. In front is a 0.9-inch LED will indicate the time. The product features  AM / FM radio  with the ability to be able to store 20 different stations.

The clock radio allows you to wake up with a specific radio station or with the classic default ringtone. You can set the  Sleep function  for the programmable power off or  snooze function to temporarily stop the alarm. The device is powered by  electrical current  but is equipped with a  battery compartment  to avoid sudden switching off in case of blackout.

Convenient and easy to use, the Radio Alarm Electronics Trevi RC 832 is the right choice for you! What are you waiting for?



Radio Alarm Clock




Black, Green, White

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