x FM PLL Radio
x 10 storage stations
x Frequencies indication
x Big display 0,9″ LED
x Programmable alarm-clock with radio and alarm
x  Programmable switching off (sleep)
x Snooze function
x Anti blackout battery compartment
x Power supply: 230V~50Hz
x Size: 190 x 80 x 65 mm


The  alarm clock Electronics TREVI RC 853 D  is a small device, ideal for keeping under control the time and avoid you unpleasant delays. On its display  LED  red, function with  dimmer  to adjust to the ambient light, you can see both the time and frequency  FM radio PLL  on which you decide to tune in.

Trevi RC 853 D allows you to set well  two alarms  different, which you can pause thanks to the function  Snooze . The function  Sleep , however, will allow you to program the automatic switch-off.

The clock radio Trevi is powered by 2 batteries  of AAA type “AAA” (not included) to be inserted in the anti blackout rear compartment or, alternatively, it can also be connected to the  electric current .

Compact, electronic clock radios Trevi RC 853 D is also perfect for decorating your room.


Radio Alarm Clock




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