Snooze / Light pause button
Large dial for easy reading
Electronic ringtone with flashing and crescendo
Power supply: 1 AA battery (not included)
Dimensions: 100x85x36 mm



The Alarm Clock TREVI SL 3040 is a small and compact alarm clock with simple functionality and a large dial that facilitates the reading of the hands.

Thanks to LED backlighting of the dial, you will easily be able to see the time, even at night, in the dark.
This little alarm clock operates with a power supply with a single AA battery (not included).
The electronic bell has sounds in crescendo and when operating it also emits a visible flash.

The movement of the hands of the alarm clock is extremely quiet, using the technology sweep motion .
The pause button Snooze / Light , located on top of the Clock, is large and comfortable, suitable to adjust the most of the activities of the alarm.
The clock dimensions are contained (100x85x36mm).

He was intrigued by the description? Try it yourself then this functional and compact alarm clock.



Alarm clock




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