» Big dial with numbers in relief
» Dial lighting
» Snooze/Light function
» Electronic alarm
» Ergonomic controls for setting time and alarm
» SWEEP silent move
» Power supply: 1 “AA” battery
» Size: 134 x 124 x 40 mm



The  quartz watch TREVI SL 3091 R  is an indispensable complement for the furniture of the bedroom. A silent alarm which you can not do without!

The clock is small and easy to handle, with ergonomic buttons for easy time setting in which it is playing. It has an external dial and an interior with well visible numbers, and having it on the bedside table will not disturb your dreams at all. It is in fact equipped with a device  SWEEP  which allows the continuous flow of seconds in addition to a silent mechanism that facilitates the night’s rest.

The dial  glows in the dark , and is equipped with a button  snooze / light . It is the perfect furniture for a bedroom but also for a professional studio. Useful in any time of day to scan your time and that of your family. Its dimensions are rather meager: 134x124x40 mm, but its performance will amaze you.

Are you tired of always arriving late for even the most important appointments? Rely clock Quartz TREVI SL 3091 R!



Alarm clock




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