Big dial
LED dial lighting
Snooze/Light function
Electronic alarm
Ergonomic controls for setting time and alarm
SWEEP silent move
Power supply: 2 “AA” battery
Size: 120 x100 x 40 mm

The Clock TREVI SL 3095 V  is the best device to keep on the nightstand for revival.
Thanks to the extreme ease of use can be used even by users with little familiarity with the technology.

The alarm Trevi, despite being a compact, has a  large dial  and numbers clear and defined that allow you time wide visibility.
L ‘ LED lighting  allows you to also take vision to the dark time that passes, while the  silent movement  in continuous seconds of the hands will not have any trouble to your rest.

The Trevi watch has  alarm  with electronic ring tone that you simply program by turning the wheel at the rear.
It is powered by  two AA batteries  not included in the package. The simple and straightforward design makes this product suitable for a bedroom or office desk.

Hurry now! Do not miss the chance to have the clock TREVI SL 3095 V!


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