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Trevi T-Fit 260 Smart Watch

The Smart Fitness Band Trevi T-FIT 260 PLUS is an interactive bracelet ideal for monitoring training and state of well-being. On its 1.7-inch IPS Ultra Bright display with “Always On” function, in addition to viewing and monitoring all data relating to physical activity, you can also receive notifications of incoming calls and messages from social media.

T-FIT 260 PLUS is capable of detecting, storing and showing all data collected relating to physical activity, such as body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygenation, hours of sleep, steps, calories burned and distance traveled. Furthermore, thanks to the Bluetooth connection, it connects to your smartphone to manage data via a dedicated app.

Trevi’s heart rate cuff has a PPG (photopleithysmography) sensor, useful for providing you with heart rate data and measuring the peripheral oxygen saturation level in the blood.

The Trevi T-FIT 260 PLUS Cardio Bracelet Smart Fitness Band is resistant to water and dust with IP68 protection and is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery.

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1.7″ display with “Always on” full touch function

PPG photoplethysmography sensor

It detects, stores and displays the values ??of temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygenation, hours of sleep, steps, calories, burns, distance traveled

It connects with a smartphone for data management on the App

Notification on the display of incoming calls and messages

IP68 water-resistant

It is not a medical device but a device that displays the wearer’s values on the display

Rechargeable lithium battery / Bluetooth 5.0

Compatible with iOS 10.0 – Android 5.1 or above

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