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Trevi XF 150 KB Mini Amplified Speaker

The XFest Trevi XF 150 KB Amplified Speaker is a portable speaker to listen to all your favorite music wherever you want. Simple to use and small in size, it has a comfortable handle for easy carrying.

XF 150 KB is equipped with an integrated MP3 file player , USB , MicroSD and microphone inputs . Thanks to the Bluetooth wireless connection , you can use the speaker to listen to music from all your compatible devices and with theTWS ( True Wireless Stereo ) function you can wirelessly pair it to a second speaker to increase the total listening volume.
Have fun singing, alone or in company, to the notes of your favorite songs thanks to the Karaoke function and the supplied dynamic microphone .

The XFest Trevi XF 150 KB Amplified Loudspeaker is powered only by an internal battery , rechargeable via the micro USB port .

39.00 49.00


MP3 file player from USB and Micro SD memories

Microphone input / Dynamic microphone supplied

Volume control

TWS function: wireless connection of 2 high-altitude gliders

3” illuminated Disco Light speaker

Bluetooth function

Total power 15W max

Power supply: high capacity lithium battery rechargeable via 5V 1A micro-usb port




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