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TREVI XF 4500 DJ Amplified Speaker

The Trevi XF 4500 DJ Amplified Speaker is a powerful and versatile sound box, suitable even for the most demanding ears.

It is made of “MDF” wood and has two rear wheels and two side handles to carry it.

399.00 479.00



With XF 4500 you will be able to  mix tracks from two different devices simultaneously from USB , AUX-IN or wireless Bluetooth wireless inputs . The speaker also has two microphone inputs , Led Discolight lights and a high-power amplification with forced air cooling .

Thanks to the functionKaraoke , you can animate your every party and have fun singing, alone or in company, on your favorite songs. Also included is a practical full control remote control , to manage the speaker even from a distance.

The Trevi XF 4500 DJ Amplified Loudspeaker is powered by a power cable .


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