Trevi XR 8A12 XR Jump Portable Speaker

The Trevi XR 8A12 Amplified Speaker , from the XR Jump line , is a portable speaker for listening to all your favorite music via Bluetooth wireless connection . With built-in Discolight lighting , you’ll be able to create the right mood for every single track.

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XR Jump Portable Amplified Speaker 3W Bluetooth IPX4 Trevi XR 8A12 Black

Trevi XR 8A12 has a clear sound, guaranteed by the Clear Sound system with passive subwoofer , a power of 3W , a battery charging LED indicator that informs about battery life and the need to recharge it and is easily transportable wherever you go thanks to the comfortable rope for transport.

The Trevi XR 8A12 3W Bluetooth IPX4 Portable Amplified Speaker is water resistant, with an IPX4 degree of protection , which means that it can also be used in humid places without fear of damaging it. It is powered by a high capacity lithium battery, rechargeable via USB TYPE-C port .


  • Listen to music wirelessly from Bluetooth® devices


  • Disco Light illumination on loudspeaker and passive subwoofer


  • IPX4 water resistant


  • Clear Sound with passive subwoofer


  • Convenient carrying cord


  • Battery charging LED indicator


  • Power 3W + passive subwoofer


  • Power supply: High capacity lithium battery rechargeable via USB TYPE-C port


  • Dimensions: 11(L) x 5.5(D) x 11(H) cm


  • Weight: 0.23kg








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