Whirlpool 12,000 BTU Portable AC PACW212CO

The Whirlpool PACW212CO portable air conditioner automatically assesses the room temperature and sets the ideal combination of operating functions to offer the best comfort ever.

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Portable air conditioner Whirlpool PACW212CO
Characteristics of this Whirlpool air conditioner: energy efficiency class A. White color. Smart wheels, to move your air conditioner wherever you want. Cold on / off. 6th Sense function, the temperature sensor automatically evaluates the room temperature and sets the ideal combination of operating functions to offer the best comfort ever.

Type: Portable
• BTU cooling capacity : 12000
• Cooling energy class: A
• Main color of the product: White
• Sleep mode
• AROUND YOU function
• Dehumidification function
• Filter type: HEPA
• Temperature display (° C): Yes
• Remote Control: Yes
• Window kit: Yes
• Outdoor unit air volume – fan nominal speed: 380
• Sound power level in cooling, indoor unit: 64
• EER cooling: 2.6
• Type of refrigerant gas: R290
• Indoor unit sound pressure level – Silent mode : 48
• container Load capacity (20 ‘/ 40’ / 40’HQ): 110/230/343
Gross weight (kg): 38.5
• Net weight (kg): 34
• Internal unit neck depth: 463
• Height (cm) 74.4
• Width (cm) 44.8

12000 BTU
Cooling capacity of 12000 BTU, recommended for medium sized rooms

6TH SENSE TECHNOLOGY Thanks to the temperature sensor, the exclusive 6th direction technology can automatically select the most suitable operating mode for you.

SUPER QUIET WITH THE QUIET MODE. UP TO -70% *. Thanks to a unique operating mode in which the evaporator and condenser work at both low fan speeds, the product works very quietly. * Based on a 5 DbA sound power reduction that compares the normal operating mode with the maximum evaporator and condenser speed and the silent mode with low evaporator and condenser speed. Measurements carried out in internal laboratories, according to EN 12102.

AROUND U Thanks to a temperature sensor inside the remote control, your ideal temperature will be set around you, to make you feel more comfortable.

Compact design
COMPACT AND THIN DESIGN A modern design, very easy to move from one room to another thanks to the wheels

REMOTE CONTROL Easy to use remote control to activate all functions and get the best out of your air conditioner

New Gas R290
NEW ECOLOGICAL R290 GAS The new air conditioners are equipped with R290 gas with lower CO2 emissions to minimize environmental impact and global warming. Reduce your environmental impact!

Cooling energy class A
ENERGY CLASS A With this energy class A, this Whirlpool device will allow you to enjoy both ideal performance and good energy consumption

HEPA air filter
The HEPA filter can help reduce the presence of particulates, mites, bacteria and allergens in the air.

Energy class (cooling): A
Frequency (Hz): 50
Power (V): 220-240
IDU sound pressure level – Maximum fan speed: 52
IDU sound pressure level – Low fan speed: 50
IDU sound pressure level – Average fan speed: 51
IDU sound pressure level – Silent mode: 48

Main color of the product: White
Product type: On / Off
System type: COOLING_ONLY
Hepa filter: HEPA
Refrigerant gas: R290
Net weight (kg): 34
Interface type: LED
Dehumidification function: Yes
BTU: 12,000
EAN number: 8003437237690





12,000 BTU

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